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Help old peoples and children in Vietnam

Our Vision

Motivating people together to eliminate Poverty

Our Mission

We connect people around the world in the fight to end poverty. Working together, we invest in the lives of children and youth, build the healthy environments they need to thrive, and empower them to create lasting change in their own lives and communities.

By investing in children, together, we have the opportunity to create real, long-lasting change for families and communities around the world.”

Our Values

Our mission

We are a passionate team driven by purpose and deeply committed to our mission. We seek understanding, build trust and create meaning in our work together.


Work Together

We are committed to delivering sustainable results, and recognize that clarity, learning and growth are at the heart of the work we do together. 


Helping People

We are all about relationships, collaboration, helping people and teamwork. When we join forces with those around us, we all go further than we ever could alone.


What we Do

Angel Helping Angel is a 501(c) 3, a nonprofit organization with the mission to inspire and serve orphans, children in poverty and disabled children in communities around the world. We want to serve for those who have no resource or access to these stuff we received everyday like medical, education, and normal family surrounding. Angel Helping Angel will be mainly focusing on mission that we feel we help the children. 

Our Programs

Eye Surgery

We Offer Free Eye Surgery for Old Folks & kids.


We Take Care of Orphans who are Alone.


We Try to Eliminate Poverty from Vietnam.

Disable Childen

We Help Disable Children having physical Disability


We Provide Medical Treatment to Old Folks & Kids.


We Provide Education to Kids who are our Future.

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